Bespoke Eyewear & Contact Lenses

The choices available for those with less than perfect eyesight is becoming ever greater; whether you're a glasses or contact lens wearer - or both.

If you're no longer content with off-the-shelf spectacle frames then our optical stylists can help you create a pair that are truly bespoke to you. And when it comes to contact lenses we can now help those with complex eye conditions, who might previously been unable to wear them, due to the latest technological advances.


Now you can have glasses that are completely unique to you with our Feb31st and Tom Davies ranges.

If you see a frame that you like the look of but think 'if only they were in a different colour, size or shape', then this is no longer a problem - Feb31st has over 43 colour combinations to choose from!

Tom Davies goes one step further with each pair of spectacles designed from a chosen template to fit around each person's individual features, and material and colour choices.


Personalised freeform biotechnology re-invents the rules required to produce that essential balance between great distance vision, comfortable intermediate and reading excellence. Digital multi-surfacing technology offers no compromise just great looking spectacles.

Freeform manufacturing technology enables improved lens design and a highly accurate and customized finish. These personalised lens offers a unique vision-print and provides the perfect optical fit that caters for all aspects of modern lifestyles.


Research and development in the world of contact lens manufacture has improved in leaps and bounds in recent years, with the result that we are now able to offer tailor-made contact lenses for people who may not previously have been able to have them.

We can now provide personalised lenses that offer a unique and perfect optical fit, including speciality lenses for complex eye conditions such as astigmatism, presbyopia, paediatric and many more!

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